Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's Wrong With Today?

I spend my life worrying about what is going to happen soon, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year; or fretting about what happened yesterday, last month, last year, even years and years ago.

Today, though, I'm just fine, and my day went just as it was supposed to go.


  1. Jim,

    Nice Blog. Just found on the Kern River Forum. Good read.

    We met back a few months ago on a club meeting weekend in Kernville. You helped Converted, me and a few others with some casting lessons. Your time was much appreciated, thanks. The roll cast is much improved.

    Jay Jannise (from the SSFFC)

  2. Glad to hear it, Jay. I recall your amazement at "getting it" with the roll case. Thanks for the compliment. Stay tuned, cause a number of these articles are works in progress, and will change a bit every week or so.

  3. This was one of the most difficult things for me to learn... I had put to me this way:

    " You've got one leg in yesterday and one leg in tomorrow and yer' p****ing on today!"

    Took me awhile to get it...



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